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Real Estate Law:

Is Your Mortgage Under Water?

Are you one of the many home owners facing Foreclosure? Do you know that you can get help and possibly save your home? At The Reissman Law Group P.A., we have experience exceeding 35 years in providing foreclosure defense to distressed homeowners.

We practice real estate law in St. Petersburg, Florida and have a great team of highly experienced and skilled individuals to assist you in all of your real estate law needs. We are committed to helping people keep their homes. Protecting our clients’ rights and interests is our highest priority. No matter what your circumstances, or what stage of the foreclosure litigation process you may be faced with, we fight for your opportunity to keep your home or to pursue all other options available to you.

Our goal at The Reissman Law Group, P.A. is to fight for your rights as a property owner and to pursue all options to deliver the best outcome for you and your family. We approach each client with the perspective that each person is unique and is faced with specific conditions which require customized representation. We customize our services to your individual needs with a sensitivity that you deserve and expect.


Bankruptcy May be the Answer

Bankruptcy can also help protect your property and prevent you from losing your home to foreclosure. A bankruptcy filing will stop collection efforts and any actions of the creditor to sell your property. Options may be available to modify your mortgage while in bankruptcy, or to make payments to cure any delinquent amounts on your mortgage over the course of 3-5 years while maintaining your regular monthly mortgage payment.


Contact us today to speak to a qualified professional at Reissman Law Group P.A. to seek legal representation for a Foreclosure action you are faced with, while protecting the things that matter most: your family and home.

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